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3 October 2019
Bridgwater, United Kingdom
Nuclear South West 2019 Matchmaking Event

How do I register?
Click on Register with your email address to complete your profile. A confirmation email will be sent to you - please check your junk folder and add b2match on your safe list.

How and when can I book meetings?
From the 28th of August, you will be able to book meetings. Click on "Participants" from the main menu
Use the green button on each profile to "Book Meetings"
Please note - You must accept or decline each meeting. Meetings that are "Pending" will not be scheduled.
Deadline to book meetings is on Wednesday 2nd October 2 PM

I can’t attend due to unforeseen circumstances. What should I do?
Contact the organiser as soon as possible and cancel your participation online. This will trigger an email to inform us and meeting partners and your meetings will be cancelled.

When will I get my meeting schedule?
A few days before the event your meeting schedule will be available online under your 'Agenda'. On the day of the event, we will have a copy of your final schedule. You can also check it at all times on the website or on your phone via the b2match app.
Please note that cancellations may come through at the last minute so we recommend that you check your agenda in the morning of the event and throughout the day.

When will my profile go live?
Profiles are reviewed by the organisers to ensure they meet an acceptable standard. A clear, concise profile which defines your business, who you want to meet and what you want to achieve through your participation help you find the most appropriate partners and ensure you get maximum value from the event. We will contact you if you need to make changes.

What if I forget my password? 
Go to the login page, click on "Forgot password?" and enter your email address.

Can I make changes to my profile?
Yes, you can amend or add to your profile anytime by logging into your account and editing the content.

How long are the meetings?
Meetings are 20 minutes long. Be prepared. Think about your questions, what you want to get out of the meeting and what information the other person might want from you. 

What is the meaning of Support Office?
The support office relates to your regional office. When you register, you should pick the support office closest to your business address/place of operation. If your region does not have a local support office please leave blank.

Any other questions?
Contact the main event organiser who will be happy to help. 

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Location The McMillan Theatre
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